Rusty Dark Solid Steel

Gold and Pearl Dust Satin

Warm Silver Moire

Gloss Gold Leaf

Silver Leaf

Woven Silver

Gold Leaf Small

Moon Gold Foil

Classic Gold Leaf – Linear Burnish

Classic Silver Leaf Bright

Rose Gold

Old Nickel

Gold Mottled 3

Gold Mottled 1

Warm Silver Mottled

Pearl Platinum

Pale Silver Shimmer

Pale Gold Shimmer

Gold Leaf

Rustic French Bistro Plaster with Wax Finish

Pale Ochre & Cream Venetian Plaster

Gold Dust with Satin Finish

Classic Gold Leaf – Linear Burnish

Classic Gold Leaf – Soft

Burnished Gold Leaf

Ochre Rust Mottled

High Gold Gloss Stria (Temporary Photo)

Distressed Gold Leaf with Chinese Red Ground

Tarnished and Aged Pewter

Soft Muted Gold

Gold Leaf

Aged Gold Leaf

Woven Gold

Gold Leaf and Burnished Gold Dust

Soft Copper Leaf – Mottled

Antique Waxed Gesso

Antique Wax Gesso with Gold Detailing

Silver Leaf

Silver Leaf with Circular Burnish

White Silver Antique Distressed

Soft Silver Leaf

Atmospheric Silver

Deep Amber Bronze

Distressed Silver Leaf with Aqua Green Ground