Linen with Patinated Gesseo

Gessoed Fine Linen 2

Gessoed Belgium Linen

Gessoed Patched Linen

2 Sided Indigo Wash (Front)

2 Sided Indigo Wash (Back)

Teal Black Textural Painted Canvas

Indigo Painted Backdrop

Midnight Blue Tarp (ADD)

Whale Gray Tarp (ADD)

Textural Grey Tones Backdrop

Grey Textured Painted Canvas

Deep Grey

Stone Grey Tarp

Cool Grey Tarp

White Grey Painted Canvas With Drips

Lightly Painted White with Exposed Canvas

White Textured Backdrop with Grey Tones

Heavily Textured White Canvas

Cloudy White Painted Canvas

Two Sided Two Tone Grey Thick Cotton Backdrop (Front)

White Painted And Washed Canvas

Two Sided Frosty Blue / Sage Green Tarp (Side 2)

Green Grey Textural Tarp

Grey Blue Canvas Splashed with Drips

Bright Blue Watercolor Canvas

Dusty Green

Two Sided Frosty Blue / Sage Green Tarp (Front)

Blue Grey Tarp

Slate Blue Tarp

Rothko Blue Painted Canvas

Deep Indigo Blue Canvas

Two Sided Deep Indigo Canvas (Front)

Two Sided Deep Indigo Canvas (Back)

Blue Purple Canvas Backdrop

Teal Painted on Canvas Backdrop

Portrait Grey Tarp

Green Worn Canvas on Wood

Sandy Yellow Painted Canvas

Yellow Ochre Tarp

Small Ochre Tarp (ADD)

Taxi Cab Yellow Tarp

Brown Black Penn Tarp (ADD)

Matte Terracotta Canvas

Tobacco Tarp

Vintage Canvas (Back of Painting)

Peach Toned Canvas

Bright and Tonal Textured Canvas

Soft Pink Canvas

Cloudy Pink Purple Canvas

Pink Clay Watercolor Canvas

Painted Clay Color Canvas Unfinished Boarder

Pale Pink Canvas Splashed with Drips

Dusty Pink Tarp